Frequently Asked Questions


Can we use the images that you supply us?

Yes absolutely, you will have the right to reproduce any image I supply to you, all the photos will be high resolution, 3-4mb which should be more than big enough for a large print. All I ask is you don’t attempt to edit them yourself  and if you use them on social network sites your kind enough to credit me when you upload them.

I’m worried the morning will be too chaotic for the bridal preparation! 

You may have seen some of the bridal preparation shoots in my portfolio and are thinking ‘There is no way it will be that calm on my wedding morning’. Don’t worry its my job to make the photos appear as calm and glamorous as possible.  Its a busy time but thats what your paying me to worry about. So often brides have thanked me for recommending that they have this part of the day covered after they were initially apprehensive. Very often those photos become some of the most valued photos from the day.

How do you work and what is your style of photography ?

I aim to be as discreet as possible. I work in a very calm and relaxed manner and keep all flash to a minimum. Many of my couples have commented that they hardly knew I was there. I very rarely direct any posing or ‘funny’ scenarios. During the Bride and Groom shoots I may give a little direction but its all very simple, perhaps asking you to turn into the light or to look towards each other or the camera.

Do you take Group Shots?

Yes, every wedding I’ve covered has had at least a few group shots. I try to keep them to a minimum as they are quite time consuming and you don’t want your day turning into a long photo shoot. I find 10-15 is more than enough, my approach to this is very much the same as the rest of the day, very relaxed with very little direction.  They are an important part of the day especially for the Parents & Grandparents who like a more traditional approach.

How do we book you?

Firstly get in touch. I’ll check your date is still available and arrange a consultation to go over what plans you have made so far. We’ll also have a chat about which package will suit you best and look through some album choices and past weddings.  If you want to go ahead,  there is a booking form to complete along with your deposit and then the date is yours!

Do you work with an assistant or alone?

Both. My wife Anna often assists me and is my second photographer if you’d like one. However I still cover many weddings alone and I am more than capable of doing this. Anna just gives me a bit of company or a different view point to shoot from.

What happens if you are ill or injured and can’t attend?

After 8 years I have never missed a wedding and it would take a very severe illness or injury to keep me away. However in the remote chance of me not being able to attend your day, I have a large network of professional photographers who work to the same principles and high standards as me and would do all they could to help out if necessary.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes, I bring 2 cameras to every wedding with multiple spare batteries, memory cards and various lenses. With regards to your images they are backed up 3 fold during the editing process.

Can We change our package after we have booked?

Yes, once you have booked the packages and albums are flexible. I always recommend couples go for as much coverage as they can afford and worry about albums etc secondarily. Once we have the photos in the bank we can discuss upgrading packages at a later date, however if we only have a few hours coverage we can’t go back and retake them. I often find couples who purchase the 75 or 200 image option find they want to upgrade as they find choosing too difficult.