2012 – Devon Wedding Photography Review

2012. Done!

What an eventful year it’s been, full of highs and a few difficult challenges. I visited some great venues, some I’d seen before and few new ones. Including The Horn Of Plenty, Langdon Court, Boringdon Park & Morland Garden Hotel.

The year got off to a great start with Sam & Vicky’s wedding at the Horn of Plenty near Tavistock Devon. It was a great day a little chilli at times but with a lovely warm feel to it. Having the Marquee in their back garden really created a relaxed atmosphere. A very openly affectionate couple made for great photos.

I often get asked by brides at their consultations, ‘What are your plans if you can’t attend the wedding?’ This is something I’ve always been keen to stress isn’t going to happen. It would take a hospital stay to keep me away from the day. However I do have a network of very good photographers who would step in if the worst were to happen. I had put these plans in place thinking I’d never need them. However following a spot of DIY and a less than perfect positioned ladder I unfortunately needed to call into action those back up plans.

I fell from said ladder, severally breaking my foot and ankle. This resulted in a 6-day stop in Hospital and an operation to repair the damage. It was then I had to call on my Network and true to his word Graham Fry came to the rescue and agreed to help me out in my hour (2 months) of need.

The only real stroke of luck that came from the situation was the timing, being durring a relatively large break in my diary. However I was only 10 days from my busiest part of the year.

The first wedding post operation was Nick & Kristy’s at the end of May. 2 weeks from my accident and only 7 days post opp.  They are friends of ours so there was even more pressure to deliver let alone from a wheel chair. I attended the wedding for the main part of the day. I shot the Bridal Prep, Ceremony & Group Shots against doctor’s orders then left the rest of the Day in Graham and Anna’s capable hands to finish off. With me even directing a few shots from home via my mobile.
A huge thank you to Nick and Kristy for being so understanding and putting their faith in Me, Graham and Anna to deliver in very difficult circumstances.

Once Graham and I were up and running ( not literally) and had got through the first wedding we went from strength to strength, Taking on 4 weddings in total, with me on a combination of crutches and wheel chairs. Although a less than an ideal situation I attended every wedding and was able to fulfil all my bookings with no compromise to the finished product.
A Huge thanks to Nikki & Ian, Zoe & Rob, Jo & Rich & Katy & Lee, who although understandably a little apprehensive and concerned on learning the news of the situation, full supported Graham and I and ended up with 2 photographers on their day which worked out really well. From there I was fit enough to continue on my own and see out the rest of the year as planned. Also Congratulations to Katy & Lee on winning Sky Livings Four Weddings TV programe we’re eagerly awaiting is screening some time in the spring.

A special thank you to both Graham Fry (who travelled from Pool to Plymouth on 4 occasions), my wonderful wife Anna for assisting, second shooting and on a few occasions taking over fully for a few hours. with out you both I wouldn’t have managed.  Also a big thank you to all my Photography friends (sch22) who offered their support at the time, either just cheering me up or offering to come and help out on the day.
Below are some great days and amazing couples. It was a privilege to have been part of such important times in people’s lives. Something I never take for granted and will always strive to make the next wedding my best yet. I feel very proud of my work and how far its come in such a short time. 2013 is already busier than 2012 with lots of great couples again. With out a doubt the best job I could wish for.


ps. No more ladders.

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  • Matt Tyler16/01/2013 - 00:56

    What a year Paul! Some serious ups and downs by the sound of it! – sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 You’ve no doubt made some people very happy this year my friend, top work. Can’t wait to see what you get up to in 2013…