Becky & Sean – Ugborough, Kingsbridge Wedding Photography

Here are a few photos from Sean & Beckys wedding which took place on Becky’s parents Farm near Ugborough not far from Kingsbridge. Becky and Sean had arranged to have a Marquee put up in one of the fields not far from the house which proved to be a great location with views for miles around and added a real personal feel to the whole day which was really lovely.

The church service took place in the local church in Ugborough, which is a stunning set in the middle of the Devon village. We had a bit of a shower once we left the church so took cover for a few minuets then began a few family group shots. Once we made our way back to the farm the heavens opened and we had some heavy rain whilst guests were eating and the speeches were happening. Eventually the rain stopped and the sun came out and gave us the opportunity to get out and around the farm dodging the puddles for some great bride and groom portraits in the South Hams Summer Sunshine.

Below are some extended highlights from the day, If your planning a Devon or Cornwall wedding please get in touch to arrange an informal consultation regarding your wedding photography.

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