Clare & Hedley – The Horn Of Plenty Wedding Photography Previews

Here are a small selection from Clare & Hedley’s Wedding this weekend. We all had our eye on the forecast the whole week and it wasn’t looking good. The forecast seemed to change by the hour.  In the end we just had to try and make plans for every scenario and just keep our fingers crossed that we would get a dry spell. Apart form one very heavy shower, just as we had arranged a quick confetti shot we managed very well keeping dry darting in and out of the showers. In the evening we were even lucky enough to have a little bit of sunshine which us and the guests took full advantage of and made it out ono the gardens.

Clare looked great in her vintage styled lace dress and Hedley looked very Smart in his uniform before changing into a more comfortable grey suite and coral pink coloured tie.

I’ve been lucky enough to have several weddings at The Horn Of Plenty nr Tavistock this year and its definitely one of my favourite venues. Stunning scenery with lots of different places to take advantage of the Devon rolling hills around the Tavistock area. Great for Wedding photographs both inside and out.

Below are just a few from the day. There are lots more to follow.


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  • David West13/09/2012 - 12:07

    Great images Paul, Especialy like the last one ..!