Folio Fine Art Albums – New Range

I was very excited this Friday past as I had an email from a Folio saying my 12 x12 ‘Fine Art’ demonstration album was due for delivery. This was the last of a series of emails from Stuart at Folio, guiding me from beginning to end throughout the printing process. He informed me that it was drying, being bound and 2 phone calls to check that a few very minor alignment issues were ok and that he could resolve them. The customer service was second to none and exactly the reassurance as a photographer I need that mine & my customers investment were in good hands. When using other album manufactures you do not get any sort of proof album and its often not until you receive the finished copy that you think ‘Well that photo would have been better bigger or smaller’. With Folio Stuart went over the content with a fine toothcomb giving me a few suggestion of improvements which were very welcome.

When the album arrived I was desperate to see what it looked like. The first thing that struck me was the quality and attention to detail of the packaging its so important to get that ‘Wow’ Factor straight away. It was very much like opening an Apple product for the first time. Everything fits with in the boxes perfectly, all high quality card (recycled I believe) and no polystyrene or cellophane coverings, simple but stunning.

I opened the subtly branded box to revile a canvas pouch containing the album. The second I opened the box there was a lovely leather sent that hits you straight away again reaffirming a sense of quality.

The album its self is a very soft textured leather in a pale/pastel Jade Green (other colours available) with the couple’s names embossed on the cover. The pages are made form the best quality fine art paper money can buy, the instant you touch the pages you can feel this. They even supply a sample swatch of the pages for customers to touch to avoid any fingerprints on the book itself.

All pages are lay flat meaning you can have a two page panoramic spread without losing any of the image in the crease of the book. As demonstrated above.

The book is available in both 10 x 10 and as is this example 12 x12. Parent books are also available, with a canvas cover not in leather in 6 x 6

Any couples that have chosen their albums/books can upgrade at any time and I will bring it too all the pre-wedding meetings for you to take a look. Alternatively make an appointment and I can bring it to you for you to see.

Paul 🙂

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