Heidi & Ashley – Glazebrook House Wedding Previews – Devon

Heidi & Ashley – Glazebrook House Wedding Previews  – Devon

On Saturday I had my first visit it to the amazingly refurbished Galazebrook House in South Brent, Devon. Having grown up in The village of South Brent I was really looking forward to covering my first wedding here. I had heard lots of good things about the Alice in Wonderland themed hotel and it did not disappoint. Even having seen pictures and heard lots of stories about the venue it still was quite breathtaking once inside. At every turn, in every room and on every wall there is another piece of unusual modern sculpture or art work. The theme has been executed with out compromise and must have cost and eye watering amount to furnish.

I meet Heidi and Ashley last year and was really looking forward to covering their wedding, after our meeting at the pre wedding shoot a month or so ago I came away even m0re excited about the day as it was clear to me that there had been a huge amount of thought put into it and I felt we got on really well. It really helps with the photos having some kind of personal connection one of the main reasons I offer a Pre wedding shoot to all Full day package couples to help build this important relationship.

The day didn’t disappoint either. There was a great mix of family and friends at the wedding. The family providing the emotion and attention that only the closest people can provide. Then the friends who really help with the fun and party side of the day. We even had a impromptu unofficial first dance before the Wedding Breakfast with some great music provided by the 3 piece bad called the Busketeers.

Below are just few previews of the day. Many more to come.

Congratulations Heidi & Ashley

Paul x



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