Paul J Andrews Devon Wedding Photographer – 2014 Review


Here are some of my favourite photos from this year…

This is one of my favourite parts of the year. Each wedding goes by so quickly that i’m preparing for the next as soon as the last has finished. Looking back, trying to pick out a few photos from each wedding really makes me take in all that happened in such a short time of only 12 months. Thinking back to Aaron and Sarah’s wedding at The Moorland Gardens Hotel in February seems like an age ago. Yet within seconds of looking at the photos i’m right back there. Its so nice to relive it all through the pictures and it wasn’t even my wedding, I really hope that all the the couples I’ve meet and worked with this year have the same experience when they look back. I really hope the photographs spark a lots of happy memories for many years to come, after all thats what photography its all about.

A huge thank you to all the couples and families involved. I continue to feel (after over 6 years of doing this amazing  job) very privileged to be invited right into the heart of such an important day in a whole families life. Something I never take for granted. I’ve made lots of new friends seen lots of laughs and tears, below are just a few highlights of a great 2014. I’ve tried to pick out a few different ones that made me smile as well as the obvious stand out photos.

Roll on 2015 lots of new venues and people to meet.

Please let me know what you think


Beki & JamesMoorland Gardens Hotel_0009
Moorland Gardens Hotel_0011Erin & LewisErin & Lewis

Beki & James

Beki & James
Beki & JamesBeki & JamesBeki & JamesBeki & JamesBeki & JamesBeki & JamesMoorland Gardens Hotel_0004Moorland Gardens Hotel_0005Moorland Gardens Hotel_0006Moorland Gardens Hotel_0007Moorland Gardens Hotel_0008Moorland Gardens_0001Moorland Gardens_0002Moorland Gardens_0003Moorland Gardens_0004Moorland Gardens_0005Moorland Gardens_0006Moorland Gardens_0007Moorland Gardens_0008
Gem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomGem & TomSt Elizabethes House Plymouth_0027St Elizabethes House Plymouth_0028St Elizabethes House Plymouth_0029St Elizabethes House Plymouth_0030St Elizabethes House Plymouth_0031St Elizabethes House Plymouth_0032St Elizabethes House Plymouth_0033St Elizabethes House Plymouth_0034Erin & LewisErin & LewisErin & LewisErin & LewisErin & LewisErin & LewisErin & LewisErin & LewisErin & LewisSt elizabeths house Plymouth_0010St elizabeths house Plymouth_0011St elizabeths house Plymouth_0012St elizabeths house Plymouth_0013St elizabeths house Plymouth_0014St elizabeths house Plymouth_0015St elizabeths house Plymouth_0016St elizabeths house Plymouth_0017St elizabeths house Plymouth_0018St elizabeths house Plymouth_0019St elizabeths house Plymouth_0020St elizabeths house Plymouth_0021St elizabeths house Plymouth_0022Tallend Bay Hotel_0001Tallend Bay Hotel_0002Tallend Bay Hotel_0003the Green Liskard Cornwall_0010

Moorland Gardens_0009the Green Liskard Cornwall_0011the Green Liskard Cornwall_0012the Green Liskard Cornwall_0013the Green Liskard Cornwall_0014the Green Liskard Cornwall_0015the Green Liskard Cornwall_0016the Green Liskard Cornwall_0017the Green Liskard Cornwall_0018the Green Liskard Cornwall_0019the Green Liskard Cornwall_0020the Green Liskard Cornwall_0021Beki & JamesBeki & JamesBeki & JamesBeki & JamesBeki & JamesThe Morland Gardens Hotel_0001The Morland Gardens Hotel_0002The Morland Gardens Hotel_0003The Morland Gardens Hotel_0004The Morland Gardens Hotel_0005The Morland Gardens Hotel_0006The Morland Gardens Hotel_0007The Morland Gardens Hotel_0008The Morland Gardens Hotel_0009The Morland Gardens Hotel_0010The Oak Barn Devon Wedding_0000The Oak Barn Devon Wedding_0001The Oak Barn Devon Wedding_0002The Oak Barn Devon Wedding_0003The Oak Barn Devon Wedding_0004Ugborough Wedding_0023Ugborough Wedding_0024Ugborough Wedding_0025Ugborough Wedding_0026

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  • Rosie22/01/2015 - 04:21

    Beautiful photographs – makes me so excited to have you shoot our wedding in March 🙂