Bovey Castle, Wedding Devon – {Joanne & Adam}

On Saturday I was lucky enough to cover Jo & Adams Wedding at the Amazing Bovey Castle. The whole day was nothing short of spectacular. I met with the boys in a local pub in Brixton, just outside Plymouth and walking distance from the church they were due to marry in alter. I got a few photos capturing the pre wedding nerves and beers.  Then onto the meet Jo & Bridesmaids who were very organised and in the final stages of getting ready when I arrived. This gave us lots of time to get some fantastic group shots of the whole family including Jo’s horse and the family dog.

Jo arrived in an amazing white Ferrari, and after few final make up touches we went into church to meet a now suitably nervous looking Adam.

After the service I was lucky enough to be asked to accompany the newly married couple in a helicopter ride to get some pictures of the experience for them. This was a first for me and a real privilege and I loved every second. We flew across to Mothercombe beach, South Devon where Adam proposed, passing Noss-Mayo en route. Then over Dartmoor to Bovey Castle picking up lots of land marks along the way.
Below are a few very brief Highlights of the day.

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Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0007Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0008Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0009Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0010Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0011Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0036Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0013Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0014Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0015Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0016Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0017Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0018Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0019Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0020Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0021Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0022Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0023Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0024Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0025Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0026Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0027Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0028Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0029Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0030Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0031Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0032Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0033Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0034Bovey Castle Helicopter Wedding_0035

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  • Laura Miller26/06/2015 - 21:40

    Amazing Paul…. Made me cry, fabulous memories, captured perfectly!!!
    Ps Did you get a picture of my Mum & I?
    (Maid of Honour & Mother of the Bride)

  • Paul Andrews26/06/2015 - 21:44

    Hi Laura, So pleased you like what you’ve seen so far. Thanks for the comments both here and on Facebook. I did get one with you and your mum but also with your brother…. 🙂

  • Peter Burgess27/06/2015 - 15:47

    Adam, Joey the pictures look amazing, can’t wait to see the complete set.
    Lots of love Mum & Dad (Maria & Peter)